1. What is an orthotic/orthosis?

Orthoses are orthopedic devices that are used to change and/or control forces acting at a joint. All of our orthoses are hand fabricated on site at our clinic. We utilize a wide variety of orthopedic grade plastics, foams, leathers and other materials to custom design the orthosis that best fits our patient’s needs.  We have a wide variety of transfer patterns available to customize your orthotics / braces.  Click on the following link to see what is available:  http://www.myrdalorthopedics.com/products/oven-room/transfers-sheet-paper

2. Do I need an appointment? Yes.

Custom orthotics and bracing usually require two appointments: one for consultation and casting (plaster mold is taken) and one for a fitting of the orthosis / brace once it has been made. Appointment times vary based on the type of appliance needed. Our Front Office staff can give you more detailed information when you call.


3. Do I need a prescription? Yes.

Your referring doctor / professional will need to write out a prescription outlining what type of orthosis / brace you will need to properly address your condition / symptoms. Our Orthotists will design and fabricate an orthotic / brace most suited to your needs.


4. Who will I be seeing?

You will be assessed and treated by a Certified Orthotist. Our Orthotic Clinicians have undergone extensive education and training – including 2 years of residency – to become Certified through the Canadian Board for Certification of Prosthetists and Orthotists. For more detailed information about our profession go on-line: http://www.opcanada.ca


5. Are orthotics and bracing covered under the B.C. Medical Services Plan? No.

However, some types of children’s bracing are considered a benefit with the Fair Pharmacare program. Families must be registered with the program in order to qualify for benefits. Pre-approval of all appliances is also required; this is handled by our Front Office staff. For more information about Fair Pharmacare either call our office or go on-line: https://pharmacare.moh.hnet.bc.ca/. Other 3rd Party agencies that may be approached for funding assistance include the Ministry of Social Development, the Ministry of Children and Families, I.C.B.C., Worksafe B.C., Non-Insured Health Benefits (status Indians) and various charitable organizations. If you are unsure if you qualify for assistance, please call our office.


6. Does my extended health plan cover any of the cost?

Please check your policy to confirm if you are eligible for orthotic and / or bracing benefits. Our office does not bill extended health companies directly, however, we can assist you in filing for your claim, provide a quote or any other documentation you may require. Our Front Office staff will be pleased to offer any assistance to you.

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